San Diego Chargers Offensive Positional Match-Ups to Watch

By Nick Mansoor
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Marion Grice vs. Kerwynn Williams

There is not enough room on this roster for 5 runningbacks, three of which will be more active when the regular season comes. Marion Grice is our 6th round selection from this years draft. Grice looks like a really good back to grab extra yards as the third down man but looks like an even better runningback in the flex. Kind of like how we currently use Danny Woodhead. He will most likely be used as a kick returner for his rookie season if he gets the job.

Kerwynn Williams was a free agency pickup Telesco snagged. Want to guess where he played last season? If you guessed Indy, then you are correct. He is a fast back who is very explosive when he carries the ball up the middle, and he has hands so he can also fit in the same role as Woodhead after his contract is up this year.

Upside: Marion Grice has the upside in this match-up, the young guy can run and he can make plays after the catch. He totaled 39 touchdowns in just 24 games when he played at ASU. That alone is a phenomenal stat. Williams is a great player as well but has served as a backup for the Colts with no real playing time on the field.