San Diego Chargers Offensive Positional Match-Ups to Watch

By Nick Mansoor
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Dontrelle Inman vs. Seyi Ajoritutu vs. Vincent Brown

I have these three guys battling to backup our #2 receiver and to play as our #4 receiver. We saw Vincent Brown shine as a couple of years ago as a slot receiver and as a wide-out, but he really struggled last season as our #2 receiver. He just didn’t look like the same Vincent we saw playing a couple of years ago.

SeyiAjoritutu on the other hand has always had great chemistry with Rivers, how can forget that sweet game winning touchdown from Rivers to Tutu against the Chiefs last season?

Dontrelle Inman was a standout receiver when he played for the CFL, he transferred to NFL during the offseason and Telesco picked him up. He is tall, standing at 6′ 3″. He is young, only 25 years of age. And he is fast, he ran a 4.4 and is extremely agile. Could he be our offensive version of Cameron Wake? Only time will tell.

Upside: This was a tough one. I’m going to side with Tutu on this one. He just has great chemistry with Rivers, and that chemistry can go a long way. How did Danario Alexander make a name for himself in SD? The answer is CHEMISTRY. Vincent needs to step up this season, the talent is there, the potential is there, he just needs to break out again like he did a couple of seasons ago. And as for Inman, we don’t know how good he is, he could be the winner out of this pack, I honestly do believe he can be. We just need to see the guy play first.