San Diego Chargers Offensive Positional Match-Ups to Watch

By Nick Mansoor
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Keenan Allen vs. Malcom Floyd

These two will duke it out for the #1 role on this offense. Keenan Allen had a stellar rookie season in San Diego putting up a record-setting numbers and led all rookie receivers out of the 2013 draft class. Malcom Floyd as usual played our deep threat in 2013, but was lost after week 2 when he was sandwiched between 2 opposing Eagles. Many thought his neck injury would be career ending, but the team just recently announced that M80 will be back in 2014 as a Bolt. This will be a big match-up to watch for during camp and in preseason, it will show us if the Chargers trust the young guy to lead our WR corps, or will they side with an experienced veteran once again to move the chains?

Upside: The upside in this match-up will go to Keenan Allen, he is coming off a huge rookie campaign and is looking to carry on his momentum from last season into 2014. Malcom might be a little rusty since he hasn’t played a full game of football for almost a year. Keep an eye on these two, things should get a little interesting here.