San Diego Chargers Offensive Positional Match-Ups to Watch

By Nick Mansoor
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QB Match-Up) Kellen Clemens VS. Brad Sorenson:

The biggest match-up here would be for the #2 QB spot. Last year we drafted Brad Sorenson in the 7th round and he really made a name for himself here in San Diego after an impressive preseason. He just looked like a really good pocket passer, I’m not saying he is the next Tom Brady, but he has a lot of potential and being a backup for Rivers.  Kellen Clemens on the hand was a backup QB for the Rams last season up until Sam Bradford tore his ACL and he was forced to sit out the season. Clemens proved to be a solid backup for the team, he didn’t put up great numbers (1,673 passing yards, 8 TD, 7 INT)) but he filled in admirably for a lost starter. In my opinion, he is way better than Whitehurst has ever been when he was still  a Charger.

Upside: I have Kellen Clemens gaining the upside in this matchup only because he is more experienced than Brad Sorenson and has actually played as a starting QB in his career. If Brad can impress us once again this preseason now that he has a full year under his belt, then I don’t see why he shouldn’t be our #2 QB. The winner of our two backup QB’s will most definitely have the pleasure of holding Philip’s clipboard for a season.