Count Down to Camp: Ryan Carrethers

By Arnie
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Now he’s not Louis Nix or Aaron Donald and certainly not Jamal Williams, but I think the Chargers are getting the better end of the deal. Carrethers played an “actual” Nose Tackle role, these are rare in the draft. However Telesco targeted the players they were after on there board. If you’ve been reading my earlier articles, you should see a pattern, “versatility”. When asked about it, at Carrethers had this to say…

Carrethers: I think I can do everything.  I take pride in it all. I’m not going to limit myself to one aspect….I like being that big guy in the middle.  It is an important job.  Somebody has to do it and I want to take on that role.  I think I fit well in their scheme.  They know I’m a producer and they expect me to be one. More here…

“I was the anchor, the go to guy (in college),” he said.  “When they needed something done they would look to me, both on and off the field, and hopefully that’ll continue in the NFL.” More here…

Now it’s time to come back down to earth. Ryan Carrethers had the “worst” combine performance. It wasn’t just bad, it was downright painful to watch. 7-foot, 2-inch in the broad jump an 8.29 in the 3-cone drill, were both combine worst. Combine.

However  it reminded me of this combine performance….Combine

I’m hoping Ryan Carrethers will have the last laugh as well. looking at what the the man brings to the table he was named to CBS top 20 athletic Freaks list. being able to squat 700 pounds, he has the physical strength to be a road block at NT. Bottom line, Chargers needed a NT, they got one. Carrethers is going to compete to be a starter.