Counting Down To Camp: Jeremiah Attaochu

By Arnie
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Nov 2, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defensive end Jeremiah Attaochu (45) tries to get around Pittsburgh Panthers offensive linesman T.J. Clemmings (68) in his pursuit of quarterback Tom Savage (7) during the fourth quarter at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Tech won 21-10. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

When asked about getting after the QB’s in the AFC west Jeremiah had this to say…

“Those guys are great quarterbacks, but they won’t run anywhere.  I plan on making a living sacking those guys.” More here…

The thing is i think he can make good on that, Head Coach Mike McCoy had this to say…..

” I told him you’re very fortunate to be able to work with someone like Dwight Freeny,” McCoy said.  “Dwight was a pro the whole season.  Before he got hurt he was always out there trying to help the younger guys.  I think Dwight will do the same thing and Jerry’s really excited for the opportunity.” More here…

Now I do know the Chargers gave up a 4th round pick to move up from 57 to 50, but the truth is they didn’t do it just to move up. Telesco did it to get “him”. In a situation like this, these are the moments where I think Telesco and McCoy’s decisions on players really shine, and you can really see why Attaochu makes sense, even if he’s not a higher profile, sexy pick like Khalil Mack, Anthony Barr, or Kyle Van Noy. Not only is he a player that has proven, in college, he can get after it, he just seems to fit right in on every level.

At the end of the day the Chargers needed an OLB, they got one. Not just any one, one that seems to fit with what they are trying to do. The Chargers pass rush was nonexistent in ’13. As a result the pass defense suffered. Attaochu gives them another piece to improve getting to the QB. Lastly Jarret Johnson and Dwight Freeney are not getting any younger, so he’s coming in at the right time.