Chris Watt over Donte Moncrief?!?

By Bélair Julien
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Mar 20, 2014; Notre Dame, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish former football players Chris Watt (left) and Mike Golic Jr. run a drill during Notre Dame pro day at the Guglielmino Athletics Complex. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Now what about the guy that we drafted instead of him….. Chris Watt.

I think, by now, everybody knows that Watt has the prototype size for a guard (6’3, 310 pounds at the combine). He is a very talented player. Watt is a though run blocker and a very intelligent pass protector. From the tapes I watched, I would say that his biggest weakness is that he has a hard time picking up blitzes. He tends to see the guy late and he is caught out of position to block him effectively. The good thing is… that’s highly coachable.

Watt was projected lower but we all trust coach D on the fact that it wasn’t a reach and that he is worth it. We can argue that he was projected lower but the truth is we don’t really know the real value of players. TT and his crew know..and that’s why every year some players ”falls” in the draft. They don’t fall we are just realizing their true value. Watt will become a starting guard this year, at least that’s how I see it. Last year we had a lot of injuries on the O-Line so a guard was much-needed.

But still…Watt over Moncrief??  Was it the right decision ? I guess time will tell but until then you can comment on who would you prefer to have on the roster.

Thanks everyone !