San Diego Chargers 7 Round Mock Draft – Chargers Trade Down

By Ernie Padaon
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Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Time for the last mock draft!!!! WOOHOO! Not a bad thing at all… I know I am lying, because I will likely make a mock draft after we make our first round choice.

For this mock draft, I will have the Chargers trading down with the Houston Texans. The Texans will likely try to move up in order to select a quarterback and the Chargers would get their 2nd and 4th round choices.

The 4th round choice is pretty much a 3rd round, since it is the first choice in the 4th round. Here is what this mock looks like now.