Possible Late-Round Draft Targets: Offensive Line

By Peter Thompson
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That concludes my list of offensive line prospects. We are (literally) just a few hours away from our first pick, so let the games begin. No matter what round, or where we pick an o-line prospect, we already know who the star of our o-line is… Coach Joe D’Alessandris. He has a league-wide reputation for being able to work with any player. He turned what was one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL in 2012, into a MUCH more respectable unit, practically overnight!

I am excited to see who they bring in. It could be Xavier Su’a-Filo, or Marcus Martin, or one of the players talked about in this article. No matter what, I am confident that this offensive line will become even stronger this season. Here’s to keeping Philip’s jersey clean, and getting Ryan Mathew’s rushing attack to perform at an even high level!

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!
Peter Thompson