Possible Late-Round Draft Targets: Offensive Line

By Peter Thompson
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Brian Clarke, Bloomburg – OG – 7th Round:

Clarke is a 6’3 / 300 lb. guard, and should go between the end of the 6th, or during the seventh round. He made a pre-draft visit to the The Chargers, and they might pick him up late in the draft. He is another academically gifted player on our list. It seems like that is what Joe D is looking for.. “Get me some guys who understand the schemes.. and I’ll make em’ into NFL caliber players”. There is no doubt in my mind that coach D’Alessandris is capable of doing that.

With Clarke’s help, Bloomburg set a bunch of school records in rushing, and points scored. They were the 5th ranked rushing attack in the nation, averaging a whopping 317 rushing yards per game! Furthermore, they allowed just two sacks in their final 7 games. He had 38 starts, and finished third in the final national voting for the Gene Upshaw Division II Lineman of the Year award. He is a blue collar player, and works hard every single day. He is a leader on the offensive line, and does it by example. He is consistent, and aggressive. If we don’t have room for him on draft day, and he is still hanging around in UDFA, I would be excited to pick him up to see what he’s got!