NFL Draft: The Smoker’s Club

By Shayan Tabrizi

Jan 6, 2014; Pasadena, CA, USA; Florida State Seminoles nose tackle Timmy Jernigan (8) celebrates late in the fourth quarter against the Auburn Tigers for the 2014 BCS National Championship game at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

“Welcome to the smokers club…

Me and my teammates smoke a lot a pot

Watch my tape, cuz I don’t care if there is a combine or not…

It’s quite amazing to see how reckless people can be with their futures. Failing a drug test that you know of months in advance is just plain stupid. Nevertheless, six highly recruited prospects  managed to fail the drug test at the NFL combine last April (Per @JayGlazer, Mettenberger, Jernigan, Telvin Smith, Christian Jones, Anthony Johnson and Seantrel Henderson failed drug tests at combine).

Some reporters have coined these individuals as dumb or dependent; either too dumb to care about their future or too dependent to stop (smoking marijuana). Although the former seems more plausible, it’s still baffling how carless these players can be.  The NFL is a college players dream job, their game tape is the “previous work experience,” and the NFL Combine is the “job interview.” How can you throw your dream job by failing the easiest part of the interview?

Yes, most if not all these players will still be drafted, but their draft stocks all took a hit. Timmy Jernigan (DT, Florida State) for example, is not only could help out our Bolts, but will most likely take the biggest hit from this – monetarily speaking. Jernigan was a fringe 1st rounder who will obviously drop a bit because of this news. Based on the NFL rookie wage scale, if he slips just one round he would lose about $3 million dollars (from round end of round 1 to end of round 2).

A lot of these players could fill holes for the Chargers, but would you want them on your team?

Should we avoid them completely or is there a value trade-off?

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