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Opportunity For San Diego Chargers To Trade Back Seem To Be Growing


The Browns are thinking about trading back into the 1st round to acquire another draft selection before the Houston Texans select. They might not even use their 26th selection in the first round on a quarterback. Sounds like a little smoke screen that they are trying to put up so that nobody trades up in front of them at the 25th selection.

If the Chargers want to move out of the 25th selection and pick up a few draft choices, the opportunities seem to be ample. The Texans and the Browns both look to be passing on quarterbacks with their top choices in the draft, leaving those quarterbacks to slide right down to the Chargers selection.

All of the quarterbacks seem to be sliding, which could open up trading season on Thursday. If the Chargers don’t have a selection in the first round of the draft, but have a handful of picks on the next day, things should be looking up. Time to gather up some draft picks and make some big things happen.