MORE Possible Late Round Draft Choices For The Chargers

By Peter Thompson
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Ethan Westbrooks, West Texas A&M:

Sticking with the theme of defensive ends, here is another defensive lineman that the Chargers have approached. This one surprised me a little bit.. DUDE HAS A FACE TATTOO! That doesn’t bother me, personally. However, I can’t remember the Chargers, with their “clean-cut” reputation, ever considering a dude with open neck & face tats… just one more difference in the new management, I suppose.

Westbrooks is considered to be a “Diamond-In-The-Rough” prospect, should the right coaching staff take him on as a project. He has raw talent, enjoys hunting the QB, and shows explosiveness off of the snap. He is definitely unpolished, a little undisciplined, and will need to be developed. His motor goes hot & cold, and he has a bad habit of jumping offside. He has a sixth round projection, but if he slips into the seventh round (or UDFA) the Chargers might give him a chance. Perhaps he can have a shot at the practice squad, until he gets up to speed?