MORE Possible Late Round Draft Choices For The Chargers

By Peter Thompson
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In part one of this series, I went in depth on only three players that the Bolts might target in the latter rounds of the draft. There are quite a few that I know they have met with, and could still be on their board. Things are always changing, before draft day, from week to week. But, most teams know what players they are “sold on” before the days that lead up to the draft. They have scouted them all year, and have been over their game tape.

Aside from recent off-the-field issues, injury concerns, or having a horrible combine/interview/pro day.. there is probably little that will sway a team from what they already know about a player. Obviously, teams will fall in & out of love with certain players, but they already have a decent idea of who they will take, once free agency has settled down. The Chargers did very little in free agency, except for sign their own players, so not much has changed since December.

I am going to add more players this time, and keep the descriptions to a minimum. Please forgive me for this, but I want to “try” to keep it short & sweet. Here are some players that could be wearing powder blue, after next week.