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Why the Chargers should NOT sign DeSean Jackson

By Michael Norton

Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In need of a speeding WR who can stretch defenses? (Check)

In need of a return man who can provide excellent field position? (Check)

In need of a play maker who can score any time he touches the ball? (Check)

In need of a WR to take the pressure off of Keenan Allen? (Check)

In need of a WR capable of 1,000 plus yards and over 7 TDs? (Check and Check)

Let’s set aside the fact that we do not have the money to sign DeSean Jackson and the chances of him taking a pay cut to join the Chargers is as close to zero as the chances of the five foot nothin’, pimply faced computer geek getting a date with Kate Upton.

The question then becomes: SHOULD we sign Jackson?

The answer, my fellow Bolt fans, is no.

NO!?? (You all scream).  Are you crazy? (You add). This guy is an All Pro and the kind of talent that makes defenses cringe, (You say).

Hear me out.

Championships are built one brick at a time. Each time a player lifts a weight, or runs a sprint at 100% he is adding a brick. Each time he is late for a meeting or loafs on a play he takes one away. I know what you’re thinking: Desean Jackson adds more bricks than he takes away. On paper, perhaps. In reality, perhaps not.

The Chargers are not quite at the Belechick Patriots level in that they can add a player and that player metamorphosizes into a suddenly well behaved athlete, aka Randy Moss. A team has to establish itself as the example franchise with repeated successes and unquestioned character before such a player can be added to the fold. It sure looks like the Chargers are making the right choices in leadership with the addition of Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy, but when you add a player of questionable character , you delay the climb to the pinnacle.

The questions surrounding Jackson have not been fully answered. Is he really some of things the media is suggesting he is? Shouldn’t he be “innocent until proven guilty?” In a court of law, yes. When adding him to your football team, no.

The Eagles saw fit to cut him loose. If that is not a blaring, flashing light, horn sounding red flag, then perhaps we need to be hit with a two-by-four. He’ll produce great numbers for a team that without a long established example of character players and winning tradition, and they will lose. Let the Raiders sign him.