DeSean Jackson.. Because You Already Are Dreaming About It

By Ernie Padaon

Nov 3, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

I know the possibilities of adding Desean Jackson onto the Charger roster is slim, but we all are thinking about it. We know that Tom Telesco doesn’t like pulling the trigger on big money free agents unless they were wearing a Colts jersey last season, so this whole post could go as a waste, but you all still want to think that there is a slight chance that the Chargers get into the mix. I will just feed that beast.

Imagine Jackson’s potential on the field with Philip Rivers and the rest of the guys on offense. The Chargers already have a ton of guys on the roster that are good at moving the chains. Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates, Ladarius Green and Eddie Royal are great at picking up first downs and moving the sticks.

The thing that is missing from the roster is that threat to blow the top off of a defense. The Chargers don’t have that threat to hit on a 60-yard bomb that tears the hearts out of defenses. Adding a threat like that would open up the field more for players like Allen and Gates. Adding a threat like Desean Jackson onto the field would open up the field for the running game as well. Safeties would have to be aware of Jackson’s ability to beat them deep and will have to sit back a little further.

If the Chargers were to add Jackson onto the roster, they would be able to focus the entire draft on defense and help on the offensive line. The rest of the roster would be set. We could add a pair of corners onto the roster through the draft and a pass rusher, while adding some depth onto the offensive line.

Where are we going to get the money to sign Jackson? If they really want to bring Jackson onto the roster, they will make something work. There are a few players that are on the roster that are expendable at this time.

Build up this offense to be one of the best in the league and it will help out the defense. The Chargers best defense last season was the strong offense. Why stop building on that offense now?