If Louis Nix Is Available…

By Ernie Padaon

Mar 20, 2014; Notre Dame, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish former football player Louis Nix pauses between sprints during Notre Dame pro day at the Guglielmino Athletics Complex. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

This draft is deep with talent at the corner and wide receiver position and the Chargers are going to benefit from that depth in this draft. If the big man is sitting in the green room when the 25th selection comes up, then the Chargers need to run up to the podium and steal the mic like Kanye West and announce their selection of Louis Nix. There are some question marks on Louis Nix with his big body and questionable knees, but there aren’t many questions about his talent and there is no other option in the draft that has the skill set as Nix. Nix is the best nose tackle in the draft and the Chargers could use that big boy to clog the middle of the defense. They could use someone to open up some gaps for  Manti Te’o or Donald Butler to run through.

Some would rather take the top corner or wide receiver or even go offensive line, but Nix fills a huge hole on the defense and the other positions can be addressed later in the draft. A good corner can be selected in the second round. A good wide receiver can be selected in the 3rd round. Take the big boy and watch the defense make some big strides during the season.

If the fat man is available, the Chargers must select him.