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Chargers Uniform Design by Jesse Alkire


Among all the talk of the new Bucs uniforms and Browns uniforms to be debuted in 2015 that Browns’ President, Alec Sheiner, claims will be “cutting edge,” artist Jesse Alkire created a very unique, yet simple and classic jersey designs for all 32 teams in the NFL. This is how Akire described the San Diego Chargers version:

San Diego Chargers

Superfluous outlines are removed for a clean, modern look. And following the lead of teams in warmer climates, the road whites become the home set.

Classic looks return as the bolts are moved back on to the shoulders and gold pants become an option at home or on the road.

A white matte helmet is combined with a glossy, reflective lightning bolt which changes shade when activated by light and movement. Flashy golden shoes also add to the electric aesthetic created when players are in motion.

He does add back in the gold pants to the Chargers uniform design, which I go back and forth on. They do look cool and are very unique, but always had that clunky 80s feel to them. His design is definitely better than the Fouts-era pants, but I am still not sure how on board I would be.

The designs do not go as far overboard as many other uniform concepts. They do not shake up the color schemes or the basic feel of the jersey. They don’t feel gimmicky or look like an MS Paint catastrophe. He went classic with some and new-age with others, but each one looks like an improved and modern piece of art that look every bit the part of a professional, NFL uniform.

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What are your thoughts on the jersey concept?