Chargers Draft

Off Season underway


Dec 1, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers linebackers Donald Butler (56) and Manti Te
With the divisional round exit and the off season kicked into high gear, the Chargers are wasting little time getting the salary cap under control in preparation for May’s NFL 2014 draft. The re-signing of Linebacker, Donald Butler was on their priority “to do” list and he and the Chargers came to a mutual agreement on a multi-year extension. Details to be released when they are allowed to become available.

Tom Telasco, General Manager of the Chargers has made it clear, their first priority is to resign those players who have performed and earned their way on the team, and the Butler agreement is a clear indication of those goal in play. So far the Chargers are under the salary cap by $4,742,996 with the projected 2014 NFL cap to be a total of $133,000,00 when new fiscal season gets underway.

So far, so good for the Chargers and if they keep this frame of mind when wheeling and dealing, they will be in good position come the NFL draft. The needs are many to fill, from the holes in the Offensive Line to the lack of pass coverage in the secondary and the much needed improvement of the pass rush which could have been classified as “non-existent” for most of the season.

In this pass happy league, AND with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in their conference, pass rushers are a MUST to have for any defense that needs to get past these two hall of fame QBs to make the Super Bowl and the Chargers are one of those teams. While the Chargers and their fans normally do not pay attention to division opponents during the off season (most are on vacations and/or with their families), they would have very special interest on a certain NFL MVP who is having his neck evaluation this off season beginning tomorrow.  That will determine if they must contend with Peyton Manning or not next season.

Either way, the Chargers know what they must do, get into a decent salary cap position, address the needs that were not solved this season and take care of their key components for next year just as Donald Butler has been.  They are off to a nice start and the momentum should continue as their cap is in their favor … and they are thanking God they are not in a situation like the New Orleans Saints are with their start player, Jimmy Graham. WHEW.

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