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San Diego Chargers Outside Linebackers Upgrade?


Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Should we or shouldn’t we draft a pass rusher?

With Melvin Ingram, Dwight Freeney and Larry English coming back healthy, this could be one of the deepest pass rushing crews in the league. Plus you can’t forget Jarret Johnson, Thomas Keiser, Tourek Williams and newly acquired Conrdarro Law. The Chargers ended the season with 35 sacks, 20 in the first eight games and 15 for the last eight. Keiser led all of the linebackers with 4.5. Imagine that a 5th string outside linebacker snatching up quarterbacks almost 5 times.

Next year with everybody healthy and coach John Pagano tweaking his playbook to get his linebackers to get turned up, has got me really excited for this year’s outside linebackers crew as it stands now! This group of players can play in a 3-4 outside linebacker role or even at a 4-3 defensive end, so offenses beware. These linebackers are gonna keep bringing that heat to the your front porch . I feel that strong for this group.

Lets say we did get a pass rusher, if I had to choose one, it has to be in the 5th round.  Morgan Breslin out of USC, 13 sacks in 2012, a monster at the line. last year he played five games, piling up 4.5 sacks and playing with a sports hernia. Mr Bresline kept playing cause he didn’t want let his team down, but he notice he was actually hurting his team, so he had surgery to repair his groin.

If you feel different or you agree with me, leave a comment lets vent in the Bolt Beat’s man cave. thank you.