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The Underwear Olympics Are About to Begin


Feb 22, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; California wide receiver

Keenan Allen

speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The underwear olympics (NFL Combine) will start in a couple days and everyone will over analyze every single move that these prospects make there. We will even post some incredible combine numbers from some players on this site, but it will all mean absolutely nothing. The combine puts some metrics on some players for their speed on the 40-yard dash and some cone drill and all kinds of other drills, but it all means nothing.

What they do in their underwear says nothing about how they will perform on the football field. Just ask Keenan Allen about that. Where in the combine does it measure a player’s heart? Where does it measure their motivation? Where does it measure their drive?

With all the metrics that are going to be gathered at the combine, all I care about is what they do on the field. All I care about is if they are playmakers and if they can make big things happen. Will the players put in the work to be great and are they teachable?

The combine is entertaining for a little bit, but it really depends on if players can play the game. If they are able to run really fast too, then that is a bonus.