Confused Broncos Fan License Plate

By Ernie Padaon

This Broncos fan is confused. H/T Reddit

I ran across this Broncos license plate and was confused at what the heck was going on here. First of all, it says Arizona Cardinals on the license plate, but then there is the Bronco on the side to suggest they are Broncos fans. BUT then they have DONKYS as the license plate number.

Donkeys! Does this Donkey fan understand that is what other teams call them in jest? He just clowned on his own team. That would be like me getting a Chargers license plate that said DOLTS!

Genius Bronco fan… Genius!

Check out some of the comments from his reddit post:

– Donkeys isn’t a term Broncos fans should use…. Its what Raiders and Chiefs fans use to put us down!

– This is shameful. F*cking shameful.

– so you used an insult? you’re a real f*ckin dumby.

– You’re a fucking idiot. Please jump ship and be a cardinal fan full time. We don’t need you around here.

WELP. It seems that the Broncos fans have disowned him and he has to rock that stupid license plate on his car all the time.

H/T Reddit /r/DenverBroncos