Grading The Chargers 2013 Draft

By Peter Thompson
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The 2014 draft is coming up in May, and Tom Telesco will add another crop of talent to his ongoing “youth movement”. If this draft goes anything like his first draft, then we have a lot to look forward to. It was too bad that past draft picks like Manti Te’O, Steve Williams, and Brandon Taylor have not been able to showcase their talents properly, due to their injuries. I prefer to look at them as “extra draft picks”. Along with the (hopefully) seven draft picks we get this season, we will be able to add these promising players to the mix, and fill some of these holes on defense.

There are always unknowns when picking players in the draft. There are still a few question marks for certain players from our 2013 draft class. But, there doesn’t seem to be much concern that all of the players can’t contribute to this team in a positive way. At least, there are no clear busts to report yet, and it is far too early to be throwing that term around anyway. Barring some sudden drop in the level of improvement of these players… I’m calling this draft a big success, and give it a solid “B” overall. Go ahead and grade the 2013 draft for yourself in the poll below, and let us know what you thought of Tom Telesco’s picks in the comments section!

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