Shaun Phillips sweet text after the Superbowl

By Jonah Lee

Shaun Phillips may not be a Charger anymore, but his legacy and contributions to San Diego should not be forgotten. If Phillips had been offered a contract by the Chargers last offseason, surely Phillips would not have hesitated to return in lightning bolts.

Phillips would play in his first Superbowl with the Denver Broncos. Held without a sack and on numerous occasions sandwiched or held by the Seahawk’s tackles for penalties, they knew what Phillips was capable of doing. So why not give up penalty yards to avoid a sack?

After the game Phillips would text his youngest son, Jayden the following below:

Sometimes we forget the human side of this great sport. For every winner there must be a losing team. Shaun Phillips is never without fans, especially from his kids. Congratulations to the Seahawks, but a valiant effort by the Broncos.

Could Phillips possibly return to San Diego after a one year stint in Denver? There’s not a doubt some of his fans will welcome back, him and his bowling sack dance!