A Tip Of The Hat: The Chargers Youth Movement of 2013

By Peter Thompson
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Keenan Allen:

Now, it’s time for the man of the hour. Keenan Allen. Allen didn’t get off on the right foot with Chargers fans, did he? After sporting a Raider hat in a picture that was posted online, the Charger community went ballistic! It was not “a good look for the rook”. Keenan had a lot of proving to do after that incident, especially when we played the Raiders. And prove himself he did. Keenan Allen was, by far, the most explosive receiving threat on the team this year. He was gliding in & out of the defenses of just about every team he faced. For being so young, he often looked like a man amongst boys out there. More than a few times, Keenan fought rabidly for extra yards, and dragged numerous tacklers along for the ride. He runs perfect routes, has great hands, and jukes defenders easily. When he doesn’t fake out the coverage, he just runs over them.

Philip Rivers has needed a big play-maker to throw to since Vincent Jackson left, and he finally has one. As a rookie of the year candidate, Allen has set team rookie records, and is already in the conversation with elite receivers like A.J. Green. With all of the injuries the receiving corps sustained this season, Keenan Allen was a Godsend. His performance was nothing short of amazing for a rookie player. If Allen can keep up this level of play, we may have an HOF’er waiting in the wings. Remember how LT turned this team around? If Allen can uphold that same classy attitude that LT had, he could go down as one of the best players to ever wear lightning bolts. Here’s a Tip Of The Hat to his spectacular performance this season.