A Tip Of The Hat: The Chargers Youth Movement of 2013

By Peter Thompson
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Jahleel Addae:

If you pay attention to the comments section on here, you know that I have been lobbying to take a strong safety as a high pick in the 2014 draft (and in years past). However, I’m not so blind that I can’t see that Addae is a good player, and will improve over time. Addae was signed as an undrafted rookie free agent earlier this season. There were a lot of hopefuls in that group, such as Kwame Geathers, Marcus Cromartie, Byron Jerideau, Michael Hill, Frank Beltre, and Kenny Okoro. Out of all those players, Addae was far & away the cream of the crop. Even though he is only 5’ 10”, his hard-hitting style of play was a welcome sight in the defensive backfield. Addae’s stats may not light up the league, but he did have 38 tackles and a sack this season. More importantly, he is an instinctive player that brings a much needed physical presence to the defense. Even if Taylor ends up being the starter, or Telesco brings in another safety to compete, Addae will not roll over easily. If nothing else, he is a spectacular depth player, and a good contributor on special teams. If he can steer clear of knocking his own players out of the game.. and knocking himself out.. he has a pretty bright future on this team. My guess is that (barring an unexpected turn of events) Pagano will name Jahleel Addae the starting strong safety next season. If he does start, it will be because he has earned it fair & square. Kudos to the young man.