Top Ten Chargers Regular Season Moments 2013

By Peter Thompson
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Thomas Keiser Intercepts Peyton Manning:

You’ll notice that a few of these favorite plays are from the Denver road win. That was one heck of a game, and we shocked the world by coming out on top, even if WE believed in our team. With Denver already on the ropes, Manning’s arm was hit, and he tossed up a lame duck of a pass. Thomas Keiser was right there to make a textbook interception, which iced away the game. This play may not seem like it is as huge as the rest of the plays I picked, but it was one of the most heads up, and clutch plays of the year. Denver is a dangerous team, and they still had time to get back in the game. The look on Manning’s face afterward was PRICELESS! He had that “I just got beaten by the Chargers.. I think I’m going to be sick” look on his face.