Top Ten Chargers Regular Season Moments 2013

By Peter Thompson
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DJ Fluker Makes A Raider Pancake:

You know that old saying, “sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you”? Well, DJ Fluker is one GIGANTIC bear, and Sio Moore got eaten alive on this play by one of the hungriest bears out there! Moore tried to get cute, and leap over Fluker & Jeromey Clary.. and, let’s just say that it was a really dumb idea. DJ Fluker did his best Mortal Kombat impersonation by lifting Moore effortlessly into the air, and slamming him into the turf like a ragdoll. I’m not advocate for injuring players, and I kind of felt bad for Sio. BUT… I remember thinking “HOLY MOLY… we have found our man” after I saw this play. Fluker has brought an element of nastiness to this offensive line, that it has been lacking since Dielman retired. I’ll bet you that good ole’ #68 is proud of this kid, and so am I.