Top Ten Chargers Regular Season Moments 2013

By Peter Thompson
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Nick Novak Nails 46 Yard FG In Philly:

I figured I better throw in some special teams on here as well, because Nick Novak has had a heck of a year! He has made almost every kick he was asked to, including this 46 yard effort to put away the Eagles game. This game was back and forth, and nobody picked us to win it, after Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense routed the Washington Redskins the week before. This kick may go down in history as the play that won us the Superbowl, if the “Legend of the Philly Home Opener” holds true. Novak went 4-4 in this game, and scored 15 of the Chargers 33 points. The Chargers needed him to be clutch in this game, and he was absolutely stellar. Great job, Nick!