Chargers @ Bengals: Players To Watch

By Dave O'Rourke
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Nick Novak

Welcome to the playoffs. my friend.  The last guy we had in SD wasn’t known for being clutch in situations like these.  We know that you will not be that guy.  Novak has had a great regular season and hopefully he doesn’t miss a beat in the playoffs.  He was clutch last week when the game was on the line (unlike some people, see above) and I know he will be on Sunday.  Let’s hope the snow doesn’t affect the kicking game too much.

Hopefully I’ll be writing the title: “Chargers At Broncos: Players To Watch” one week from today.  We’re the underdogs, everyone says it all depends on how Dalton plays, no one is giving us a chance, but that’s the way we like it.  5-2 against playoff teams this year.  I believe.

Go Bolts

Dave O