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Tom Telesco’s Shopping List Will Be Long


Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

How do you know its a rebuilding season when the major needs the GM has to deal with exceed 5:

  1. Get a new DC, according to the stat heads at PFF the chargers have the 5th worst defense in the last 20 years, and 32th this year.
  2. Rebuild the secondary, meaning a veteran free agent CB and a high pick in the draft, the chargers starting corners are 75 & 76 out of 76 qualifying corners in the NFL according to PFF.
  3. OLB is a black-hole, with only Ingram a lock to be here next year, if you run a 3-4 OLB must be a strength in a pass league, I expect a pick in the first 2 picks here.
  4. Safety play has been poor, is the solution on roster or outside, probably has to be in the roster there just wont be enough money or picks to address it in any other way.
  5. WR2 is no production spot as well, if Floyd is healthy there is the solution, when the interviewed him, he seemed spooked I can expect him to retire. VB has done nothing.
  6. LT, Dunlap is the solution if he can stay healthy, but health is a skill and they guy doesn’t seem to have it. LT don’t come cheap either they come from round 1-2 or from an expensive contract. Maybe they play by ear next year, but the offense wont take the next step if Clary is playing RT next year.
  7. Is Gates on this roster next year?, he’s very close to being overpaid, and in the NFL you don’t pay for past production.
  8. Backup feature back, Mathews misses a game here and half there and this offense can’t replace him, they need to spend a middle round pick on someone.
  9. Nose Tackle, if they are playing 3-4 next year they need a solid get it done NT, C.Thomas has failed miserably, I wont spend a top 10-15 pick on a NT, but somewhere around a 2-3 rounder sure, or a veteran free agent.

That sure sounds like they are rebuilding and TT is going to be busy this offseason.