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Chargers vs Dolphins: Open Thread


Time for some football and our boys need this win! We need to beat down these Dolphins. I can’t believe that we have not won a game in Miami in 30-something years. The last time was when Kellen Winslow Sr. was hanging over his teammates shoulders dehydrated after winning the playoff game in overtime. Time for us to break that slump in Miami.

This is our open thread post where all Chargers fans jump down to the comments section and share their thoughts during the game and enjoy together and cry together. It is our own AA meeting for Chargers fans.

I can’t wait to break our slump that we are in. We have lost the last couple of games and we haven’t won in Miami on five-ever. We need to break that slump!

Let’s go Bolts!

To start out the post, let us know your prediction and let us know who will be the Chargers player of the game. And go!