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Sam Montgomery Still Available If The Chargers Want Him


May 10, 2013; Houston, Texans, USA; Houston Texans linebacker Sam Montgomery (57) works out at Methodist Training Facility at Reliant Stadium . Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers are running low on options for outside linebackers. They had to sign Adrian Robinson off of the streets for some help at the position. Why don’t the Chargers give Sam Montgomery a shot?

Montgomery was released by the Houston Texans a few weeks ago because he and a couple of his teammates were caught smoking some bud. The team decided to send a message to the rest of the team by making an example of all of the players that were caught.

The Chargers brought in Montgomery before the draft for a pre-draft visit. They had interest in him before the draft and they should bring him in for a work out again. Do you see who we have as options at outside linebacker now? Tourek Williams. Thomas Keiser. Adrian Robinson. One of those guys will be starting opposite of Jarret Johnson IF J.J. is healthy.

Why not bring in a young player that had a ton of promise going into the draft? Why not get him an opportunity to play. He was selected in the 3rd round this past season, there has to be some sort of potential there. Get him a spot on the roster and see what he can do. Even get him on the practice squad.