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Dear Chargers: It’s not me, it’s you.


Girls love football!

I have been trying to wrap my head around what happened yesterday when the Chargers hosted the Broncos.  I have no idea how the Bolts lost this game.  I had my Mathews jersey on, no blue eye shadow adorned my eyelids and my Chargers shoes complimented my outfit perfectly.  The BoltBeat crew hosted a super fun tailgate and while we ate and got quite tipsy positive Chargers talk was in the air.  We even had a bunch of Broncos fans stop by and that made the event even more fun.  As we headed into the stadium with big smiles on our faces and the beautiful San Diego sun on our backs we knew we were going to beat the Broncos.

We did our part as fans, so what went wrong?  I’ll tell you what went wrong, the Chargers did not do their part.   It wasn’t just the lack of time management or the fact that our defense appeared to be moving in slow motion, it was all of the little things that we just expect professionals to be doing.   I will be the first one to admit that when it comes to the Chargers I lean heavily towards optimism.  But when I see things like botched snaps, delay of game penalties, dropped balls, really really bad play calling and the inability to get the ball into the end zone that optimism starts to fray.

I hate to admit this, but I guess I was wrong.  The optimism that I felt during the off-season is no longer there.  The 14-2 prediction was so obviously wrong and our hopes of a playoff spot are dwindling faster than a candle that has been burning all night.  I have done all I can do, but the Chargers need to do all they can do too.  I know this day will come, but for today, we are on a break.  Once I am done with this post, I am not going to think about football, talk about football, eat football food or plan the activities for this weekends game.  Of course, I will be back in that mode tomorrow (or possibly later today).  I love my Bolts, and  I will never break up with my Bolts and leave them for a another team like so many have done.  I was born a Chargers fan and I will die a Chargers fan, but I would love to have a lot of fond Charger memories, not memories of games we lost due to lack of planning.

Thanks for reading my rant!