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Still Waiting For Manti Te’o To Make an Impact


Oct 20, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; San Diego Chargers inside linebacker Manti Te

I loved the selection of Manti Te’o in the draft for the San Diego Chargers, but I still have been waiting for him to make an impact on the defense. Still waiting. Some people are already floating the word BUST around, but that is too early for something like that. I won’t be making the excuses for him though. He has been on the field for a little bit now, but still has not had that big time performance.

He did sneak a tackle for loss on Robert Griffin III in the game. It could have been called a sack, but I guess RGIII was going to run the football. He did have 9 tackles in the game as well.

He just has not been the game changer. He just has not been the impact player yet. I still have the high hopes for him. He puts in the work. He watches film. Hopefully he can bulk up over the offseason and will learn how to take on some blockers also.

He is going to get a ton of reps in the middle and will keep learning. Hopefully that big impact will come this weekend against Peyton Manning.