Chargers Getting Away From That Soft Label

By Ernie Padaon

May 10, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle D.J. Fluker (76) answers questions from members of the media following practice during Chargers rookie minicamp at Chargers park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We are not the same soft Chargers anymore. Remember back in the day when we had that label of a soft football team. Under Norv Turner, we were a soft football team. Teams would come in to play us looking to punch us in the mouth. We had a few divas on the roster. Vincent Jackson was a good football player, but was a diva. Shaun Phillips was the same.

It seems that the nature of this football team is starting to shift. New leaders are emerging on the roster and they are looking to make the hits first and punch people in the mouth.

Any time I can bring this gif image back, I will:

This is not something a soft football team does! D.J. Fluker is a leader on the football field with his attitude and he is bringing that tough guy mentality onto the field. He wants to consistently beat up the other guy.

Ryan Mathews has been running with a new attitude. He comes with a full head of steam and is looking to lay someone out. Danny Woodhead may be little, but he plays this game like a tough son of a gun. Jeromey Clary may not be the best linemen, but he will work harder than everyone else and he will get onto the football field with a busted clavicle and still produce.

On defense, Donald Butler has always brought it. Jarret Johnson is stepping up as a leader and is bringing in that Baltimore Raven attitude. Corey Liuget brings the toughness. When Melvin Ingram comes back, he has that type of attitude. It is a mentality that this team has changed.

We are the aggressive team looking to punch teams in the mouth now. The attitude is shifting.

Here is some comments from Philip Rivers:

“I think we’re becoming tough,” Rivers said. “I think we’re getting tough. I know that word can be overused, but there is something about being tough, mentally, physically. Just be tough. Find a way. Make it work. I think it’s a mentality you have to have.

“You have to have it when you’re hurt. You have to have it when you lose some tough games. You have to have it when you’re 2-3. You have to have it when you’re 4-3. Hopefully, we can carry the toughness and get us another win.” (UT San Diego)

There is a new attitude in town.