So Nick Novak Can Make a Clutch Kick…

By Ernie Padaon

Sep 15, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak (9) kicks the winning field goal against the Philadelphia Eagles during the fourth quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

There is something inside all of Chargers fans that had doubts when Nick Novak lined up for that final game winning field goal. We have seen so much of Nate Kaeding in the past and have seen that disappointment come through many times in the past. Those past memories were all going through our minds as we handed the ball off to Danny Woodhead for a yard here and there to prep for a field goal.

Nick Novak trots onto the field and I could barely watch what was about to unfold. The snap. The kick. As the ball is in the air, I expect a sudden left turn on it that leaves me disappointed all over again.

This time around, the football stayed straight and flew right through the center of the uprights. Is it true that we have a kicker that doesn’t crack under the pressure now? When we get to the playoffs, he will be able to make the easy chip shot?

It is big to have that confidence in the kicker late in the game. Nick Novak made the big clutch kick and I look forward to seeing him kick it right through the uprights again.