So The Refs Blew The Call In The Chargers Game…

By Ernie Padaon

Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Houston Texans kicker

Randy Bullock

(4) and holder Houston Texans punter

Shane Lechler

(9) celebrate Bullock

I didn’t want to talk about the missed call by the ref yesterday. I hate blaming the refs for what happened in the outcome in the game. The blew that stupid call against Cam Thomas and it did take the wind out of our sails though.

I remember sitting at the game and not understanding what the heck the call was. I still don’t really understand what the penalty was, but I know it gave the Texans another chance for a touchdown.

How much did it take out of the defense? After finally bending so much and finally getting a stop to force a field goal, they get that stupid call and then give up a touchdown on the next play. They worked hard to hold for that field goal. The defense was on the field forever and they made their stop, but the referees took it away. That is heartbreaking!

Would that have changed the results of the game? We will never know.

The offense still needed to make a play. The offense still had a chance to win the game when it was tied at 28. The offense barely was on the field in the second half and the defense was out there forever.

One blown call changes a lot of things. Ed Hochuli anyone? When this blown call happened, there was still a ton of time on that clock and still a ton of opportunities to hold on for that win. It’s not the refs fault… we shot ourselves in the foot like

Santonio Holmes

Plaxico Burress.