New Coach, Same Old Chargers

By Ernie Padaon

This post is coming super late and I am exhausted. It was a crazy game and I thought that we had it locked in the bag after we made the score 28-7, but then I remembered that we our the San Diego Chargers. I was hoping that the new coaching staff would be able to change that culture around, but it still was there.

That second half was full of errors. The biggest one is the Philip Rivers interception for the score. It was a great play by the defender, but was too familiar to what we had before.

The defense could not get off of the field. Matt Schaub had all day to throw the football and the Texans kept marching down the field.

How many dropped passes did we have in that second half? Antonio Gates had a deep pass bounce off of his hands. Eddie Royal dropped another pass for a first down.

As crisp as the team looked in the first half, they didn’t have that same swagger in the second. The play calling on offense got a little timid and we could not run the football to save our life. It was not fun to watch us give the ball to any of our runningbacks.

In the end, we looked like the same old Chargers, but it is only week one and we stood toe to toe with one of the best teams in the division. We put up 28 points against one of the best defenses. There are things to improve upon. We need to learn how to finish off games first. Something the previous regime was terrible at. We need to close the game out. We should have won that game. We let it slip away.