Chargers Week 1: What We Learned

By Arnie
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Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) walks off the field after the Texans defeated the Chargers 31-28 with a field goal as time expired at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

FINISH – The New England Patriots laid out the blueprint to beat the Texans in the division championship game. Isolate JJ Watt, contain Arian Foster, and force Matt Schaub to throw into “DOUBLE” coverage to Johnson. It worked. Up by 21 points, all the Chargers had to do was run the ball, move the chains, and “double cover” johnson… just covering him would have helped too. What i saw last night was the opposite of FINISH. As in FINISH them off, and do not let them come back, by thinking you have it in the bag at half time. Shareece Wright said it best…..

Texans Postgame: Shareece Wright

Now i wanted to cover the defense, but seriously, do we really need to? Leaving AJ80 a ten yard cushion is not wise. Giving Matt Schaub an open look to any of his wide receivers is not wise. Yet there it was.

My final thoughts on this game, the Chargers game themselves a good chance to win. Now they need to shake off the last of Norv and learn how to FINISH games. They learned something about themselves, I hope they leaned to let the the players that play “man” coverage well, do that, instead of forcing them into “zone”. Screw it… stop pretending to be a 4-3 defense. Stand Freeney up, play 3-4 and move him around. As a matter of fact, if Pagano was under Wade, he should know that. Wade always rotated his LB around to attack the weaknesses in the protection. Did you notice Watt lined up on the left and right side? Time to go back to school Pags, mix it up. Stop playing conservative with a 21 point lead. Let your players make plays for you…