What We Learned: Chargers 24 – Cardinals 7

By Arnie
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Aug 24, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; San Diego Chargers quarter back Philip Rivers (17) makes a pass in the first half of a preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Return of the King – Our last LT liked to go out for back spasms, cramps and his return was always mystery. This LT went out, got treatment, taped up his ankle and went BACK into the game. A preseason game. That alone shows a guy who wants it. Wants to be here. Wants a job. Wants to win. He could have stayed out, there was no reason for him to go back out there. To me, I think somewhere in the back of his mind, he has something to prove. To Philly, that he wasn’t the problem. Now he’s showing to be the solution to a brighter future.

Depth – It’s shrinking. What I mean is the need for it or perceived illusion of lack of it, is shrinking. When I look at depth I look at “do we have players that T&M believe in”. And when they go on the field can they play, was there overall improvement or drop-off? IMO there is improvement. The depth is showing up and making plays, making stops when they need to. The problem isn’t they’re young, the problem is the comfort level from fans of going into the season with so much youth on the roster. “Who do they turn to if Cox goes down..”? ” What happens when Liuget goes out?” “What if we Lose King?” We learned for the latter two, they did just fine. Ed Reed was young. Troy Palomalu was young. Mike Ogden was young. Lance Alworth was young. They have to start somewhere. Usually it’s when they were young.

This is the purpose of the preseason. Mike McCoy has been doing, getting his young players involved, early.

Mike McCoy – The more talks, the more i like him. Cardinals Postgame Next Day Press Conference

What I’ve noticed is he’s taken an unfamiliar approach to preseason, he’s actually turned it into a competition. A lot of players that might not get playing time are out there. That’s what you would expect, but that isn’t the case from team to team. At some point the Chargers are going to turn to the back-ups and expect them to step up and play at a high level. The only way you can turn to them, if you put them out there to play.