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What We Learned: Chargers 24 – Cardinals 7

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Aug 24, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; San Diego Chargers quarter back Philip Rivers (17) makes a pass in the first half of a preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

This is that point when i like to make light of the pre-season and reflect, after all the emotions have worn off.

Media- the bias continues. I like to tune in the NFL network for laughs now and to see or lack of highlights on my team. They went out of there way to show that Larry Fitzgerald is still relevant, the rookie WR was the right pick, and Carson Palmer can still throw a TD on our “2nd string” defense. The Cardinals lost the game, yet those were the highlights shown first, after the Chargers were up 14 points. And yes they made sure to show Ryan fumble TD and PR’s INT. Freeney? Blocked Punt? Blocked Field Goal?

Special Teams – What a difference when the starters play. I called them out on the disasters in the first two games, because it was deserved. However I learned that in those two games, the starters were not playing. Most of the 2nd and 3rd stringers were in, guys that probably won’t make the roster played in those games. Why? This is evaluation time, McCoy sums it up best, ‘…We like to put guys out there… to show us what they can do…”. If your looking for the best 53 players, they need to be playing. As well as being absolutely sure you want to cut this guy.

Philip Rivers – Still needs work. Then I thought about it, why does he looks so “off”? Then it hit me, context. If you were asked to go out, learn a new system, without your TOP 3 WR, how would you do? Let’s face it, timing, comfort and trust is something that takes time to build. Every time PR started to build on the relationship, with his WR, “Bang” someone goes down. That happened three times. He went into that game with Vincent Brown, who he’s been used to seeing on the sidelines, Tutu, who was on the street last week and a rookie. If you wondered why he was looking for Antonio Gates, that could be the reason. DX was the deep threat playmaker and without him it’s safe to guess why PR hasn’t been lighting it up down field. Floyd just makes the most amazing catches. Royal was catching EVERYTHING. Now he only gets two of them to start the season. DX made it all go. Now PR needs to find the next WR to get it going.

Big Mike Harris- i thought i saw a mirage, then i went back and looked again on the DVR, yup he’s been sneaking in at RT and LT with the ones. The biggest news is when King was on the trainer’s table, I almost started to cry. A man cry. Then I saw Mike block…WELL. This was the same Big Mike that played so horrible last season, I was for sure that he would be released. I was the one banging the drum for “context”. He was a Rookie FA, signed from the practice squad, to play left tackle, a position he did not play in college, that needed to be a pro-bowl left tackle, NOW. Big Mike was put in a losing situation last season (hey i had him being cut this year), but under new coaching he may push Max Starks off the roster as the “swing” tackle. Why? He’s young, comes cheap, and could save some cap space by cutting Starks.