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Rivers Takes 100% Of The Blame


Last night Philip Rivers was the victim of a strip-sack that turned the ball over to the Bears in our first road game of the preseason. Shea McClellin blew past Max Starks, who didn’t even seem to touch him, and Rivers was taken down from behind. This was not only a bad play, but a major step back for the offensive line, who protected River’s blindside well in the previous game against the Seahawks. Just when it looked like Rivers was starting to get comfortable with the protection in game one, this type of thing happens. Surprisingly, here is what Philip Rivers had to say about it in a post game interview by

We got beat one time. The other time, the sack-fumble was 100% my fault.  I was too deep.  I looked at the picture and saw it right away.  It was absolutely perfect by the left tackle.  He’s running the guy by him 10-plus yards deep, and there I am standing there.  But I can fix that.  That’s already been fixed right now.  And you start to see there’s the difference between a gimme touchdown to Vincent Brown or a sack fumble.”

Philip Rivers seemed to be holding onto the ball a little bit too long last night, but I can’t put that one on him. I appreciate that he is taking the blame (as usual), but Starks didn’t even get a hand on McClellan! It was as if he wasn’t even in the game. I will admit that when we brought Max Starks in, I was confident he would beat out a less experienced Dunlap. But, watching that play, and his performance this far in the preseason.. I sure hope Dunlap doesn’t get hurt. I never thought I would hear myself say that. In fact, if you read the rest of River’s comments about the game in that interview, it’s like he was watching a different game entirely. It sounded like a Norv interview to me. I can understand staying positive, and saying you will fix it, but that was an awful outing for the first unit. I sure hope he starts to take on his new coaches attitude, and ditches the old coaches’ persona. Cross your fingers!

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