Observations From Fan Fest

By Ernie Padaon

Hope a lot of you were able to get out to Fan Fest today. I was there for about an hour, then it started getting a hot and the kids needed to get some food. Shoot I was getting hot and needed some grub also.

First observations… Saw a Raiders and a Chiefs fan coming into the stadium. WHAT THE HECK! Can security just turn them right around? Everyone was out their rocking their jerseys and sweating their balls off. I was rocking a tank top and chillin.

I got there and saw some special teams play. Watched Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal field some punts. Boring! There was one drop I noticed… Sadly, can’t even remember who did it. CUT HIM!

Saw them running 11s, and the offense looks sharp. I believe Mike McCoy when he  says that Philip Rivers will complete 70 percent of his passes. The offense looked efficient. We are going to move that rock. The short passing game has a lot of available options and Philip is quick at getting the ball out to the right players. The offense did decide to take a shot deep once and it was intercepted by Eric Weddle. Philip has to be careful taking those risks. He stepped up in the pocket and overthrew the deep ball into double coverage.

The defense was able to push that pocket up and make it muddy, but there were no sacks (that I saw). Ryan Mathews broke off a huge chunk of yards on one running play, but was stuffed on a lot of other runs by Marcus Gilchrist supporting in the run game.

Ken Whisenhunt threw in a reverse with Eddie Royal and gained a nice chunk of yards also. Love that Whisenhunt will throw in those little gadget plays from time to time and will keep defense honest. I remember those little gadgets thrown in there when he was the offensive coordinator with the Steelers. I am looking forward to those little gadgets from time to time.

I watched a little bit of the 2’s on offense and defense. Marcus Cromartie made a great play on a deep ball to Keenan Allen from Whitehurst to knock the pass down. That is the best I could remember from the unit though. I was too busy thinking about what to eat for lunch.