Special Delivery ~ San Diego Chargers Style

By ChargerGirl Cindi

I got a box in the mail.  I didn’t think much of it since both the hubby and I are prolific online shoppers.  Since I am in the middle of packing up to move I threw the box on a shelf and figured I would get to it later.  Well, it’s later and I got to the box.

My special box contains my new San Diego Chargers season tickets!  Not just season tickets, but a guide to the stadium, my super awesome parking passes and cool lanyards to display our tickets around our neck Chargers style after admission (also a great way to ensure you do not get halfway to the game and think “do I have my ticket?”).  There are still lots of great seats available, you should check out the website or give the Chargers a call to get yours.  Think your spouse will not go for it?  Make a PowerPoint presentation about the joys of football, family time and how going to football games makes you bond.  Worked for me!  ?

Another package that we should be getting any day is the new Game Day Ziploc.  Yes, there are new NFL rules thanks to the jerks that bombed the Boston Marathon.  You are only allowed to bring in what you can fit in a small Ziploc bag.  No more big purses, backpacks or seat cushions.  Yes, seat cushions are out too.  Make sure to check out the new rules here before you head to a game.  I wonder what will happen when Raider fans try to bring in their 10 pounds of costume?

I’m headed to training camp today (Friday, August 2nd) so send me a tweet if you want to catch up!  More good news, the Bolts first game is in a week!  Yes, it is pre-season, but I still can’t wait!  Boltup!



ChargerGirl Cindi