The Chargers Starting Lineups On Offense And Defense

By Ernie Padaon

Pro Football Focus posted out the starting lineups for each team in the league and here is what they posted for the San Diego Chargers. It is funny how they have Darrell Stuckey as the starting safety next to Eric Weddle. It is good to see that we don’t have any poor players starting for the team, but the offensive line still looks to be average/below average at best. These are based on all the ratings from Pro Football Focus of course. I think it is funny that Ryan Mathews is listed as above average, yet his fellow member in the backfield Philip Rivers is listed as average.

It does show that Ryan Mathews has been productive though.It has never been too much about production for Ryan. We just wonder if he can hold onto the football and if he can stay on the field. With Norv Turner as the head coach, we also wondered if he would get the snaps that he needed. I am confident that he will get more opportunities with a new coaching staff in town. The Chargers will have a couple of rookies in the starting lineup and are an injury away from having Keenan Allen start on offense as well.

I like the starting lineup. I think that the group of starters can compete. It is the depth around the roster that is a little scary. The safety spot is also a huge question mark.