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Chargers Offense: Quality Or Quantity?

By Adam G

I was recently having an argument with a Raiders fan about the team’s offensive weapons, which he called “sad.” I personally think it’s sweet that a Raiders fan can even properly have a conversation like a human, so I indulged him. I began to rattle off names and then I realized something, we sure do have a lot of players that are going to want to touch the ball.

Let’s look at each offensive grouping and try to figure out who’ll be here and who’ll contribute. I’ve bolded the players I believe will make the opening day roster.

Wide Receiver: Danario Alexander, Keenan Allen, Vincent Brown, Deon Butler, Dan DePalma, Malcom Floyd, Richard Goodman, Robert Meachem, Luke Tasker, Mike Willie and Eddie Royal.

Running Back: Edwin Baker, Ronnie Brown, Chris Gronkowski, Michael Hill, Ryan Mathews, LeRon McClain, Foswhitt Whittaker, Danny Woodhead.

Tight End: Ben Cotton, Antonio Gates, Ladarius Green, John Phillips, David Rolf and Dallas Walker.

Last season Philip Rivers completed 338 passes to receivers. If we assume that everyone will stay healthy (which will not happen), we can gather that this team is overloaded with players looking to touch the ball, although we don’t have a superstar at any of these positions.

The question becomes, if healthy, how will the team distribute these passes? We’ve yet to discuss who’s starting where and haven’t even started Training Camp yet but we can look at this list and understand that we have more than a few players that are going to want to be touching the ball this year. If anything, this quantity will give us flexibility on offense, which seems to be Mike McCoy’s mantra.

What do you see here, quality or quantity?