[Poll] What Is Your Stance On Hat-Gate?

By Ernie Padaon

What is your stance on hat gate? Is it OK for NFL players to wear hats for whatever team that they want? Is this just a fashion statement?

Just in case you didn’t know how I felt, here it is one more time:

IT IS STUPID! Keenan Allen wearing a Raiders hat and Colin Kaepernick wearing a Miami Dolphins hat is just plain dumb. You have an employer that is paying you millions of dollars and they are going to wear a hat of a competitor? Buy a different hat. I don’t care what colors you are wearing. If you can’t match your dumb outfit with a different hat, then don’t wear a dumb hat. Comb your raggedy hair… OR in the case of Keenan, shave that piece… and leave that hat at home.

Here are the unwritten rules to hat wearing:

1. Don’t wear a hat for any other NFL team that is not signing your paycheck.

2. See rule 1!!!!

I may be old school in my thinking, but that is the way it should be…. at least in my mind.

You tell me your opinions on the whole thing. Here is a poll, just so I know how the creepers stand on this one as well.

What is your stance on Hat Gate?

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