Catfish Jokes Are Not Funny… Anymore

By Ernie Padaon

Apparently I need to grow up, but I still see these stupid cartoons and jokes of Manti Te’o and still laugh. Yea, I am immature! Yes they are stupid, but some are funny. The cartoon above wasn’t even funny, but it was our local paper that posted it.

But it seems that the catfish jokes are a sensitive subject now. I posted the pic on facebook and got all kinds of crap for it, so I decided to post it on the site to get even more crap.

Here are the responses I got for the posting: “grow up”, “unsubscribed”, “stupid humor, grow up”, something about karma, “move on already”…

…Well crap! I am pretty sure I posted stuff like this when it happened and it was hilarious.

I guess I will sit here giggling to myself about “stupid humor.”

What if I say that we should get an in-n-out truck out to the airport to welcome Bryant McKinnie? Low blow?

Can’t wait to see how sensitive we get when we sign Tim Tebow!

Only serious posts from now on… ha.