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ClipBoard JaMarcus?


JaMarcus Russell is a name that brings up thoughts of “Purple Drank” and laziness, but were these indications of something within the organization that brought in the LSU champion QB to save the franchise when in reality he was stuck on a bad team with bad management that made bad move after bad move that they are still paying for today?

Big J was drafted #1 in 2007 and given the keys to the silver/black castle in 2008, here’s a list of the WR’s he was given to succeed: Ronald Currey/Javon Walker/Johny Lee Higgens/Johnathen Holland/Ashley Lelie and John Madsen. That should be enough weapons to exceed in the NFL right? or were they enough to lead a guy to the “Purple stuff”?

Look at it this way, What would Clipboard Jesus have done with that same group of receivers? Take away all of the hype that surrounded Big J and it comes down to he just wasn’t given much to work with and he gave up. He’s in SD now training with the legend Jeff Garcia, cutting weight everyday, hitting the books/weight and dry erase boards relearning all the plays, working on every faucet of the QB game all over again.

I know this just from watching all the Bleacher Report videos, he’s pretty dumb, he’s huge but he can still throw a football a mile and he’s agile as heck for a guy his size and very willing to learn. My question to you is, Charlie Whitehurst or Clipboard JaMarcus for 2013 Charger Backup QB?

Imagine if he succeeds in the preseason and we get trade offers for a guy we signed for next to nothing? Could be a big trade chip for the 2014 draft.